Brenda C. Ulmer, RN, MN, CNOR, Perioperative Nurse Educator and Vangie Dennis, MSN(c), RN, CNOR, CMLSO, Executive Director of Surgical Services, WellStar Health System

What is a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)? Because of the popularity of television shows such as CSI, the public is shown how forensic evidence is used to solve crimes – mostly murders – in a scientific and systematic manner. Forensic evidence is routinely used in health care. It seems, therefore, reasonable, and potentially beneficial, to apply the same scientific methods to surgical and invasive procedures to establish the health of the environment – or lack thereof – in which health care professionals practice. In spite of ongoing efforts, there are those who still question the necessity of removing and filtering surgical smoke. This session will follow the scientific evidence that documents surgical smoke as a health hazard and make recommendations to assist perioperative personnel in the adoption and implementation of establishing a safe work environment for all health care professionals who practice in settings where operative and invasive procedures are performed.