The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to have a better understanding of how electrocautery sources can affect patients who have existing implantable medical devices. This presentation will help the audience to understand how an implantable device table can be created and keep patients safe during an OR experience. In addition, the attendees will be educated on how the nurses in the surgery preadmission center retrieve patient information and case manage a day of surgical patients to optimize them prior to surgery. Finally, they will learn how the surgical APN assesses patients through data analysis to determine if it is safe to proceed with surgery. If not, medical or cardiac clearance is pursued, and additional labs are ordered when deemed necessary. Early review of the patient helps to ensure safety, optimal operating room throughput and avoids waste of costly materials.

Mary Marvin is a surgical advanced practice nurse. Her role is to facilitate patient throughput for the department of surgery in order to minimize or eliminate delays, cancellations and surgical waste. In 2018, 4,453 patients were evaluated.

Jill Teubel has been a nurse in the surgery division at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center for 26 years and currently serves as the clinical nurse educator in the surgery preadmission center. She graduated with a master’s degree in nursing leadership and management in 2015. Her passion for learning new things elevates her as an educator and keeps her interested in the ever-changing field of nursing.