Brian Reed,    Co-Founder & CEO, Ascendco Health

Brian Reed, Co-Founder & CEO, Ascendco Health

A discussion surrounding the challenges faced in managing large surgical inventories and the side effects these challenges have on patients, hospitals and staff. This program will help leaders gain perspective on how the many moving parts in health care have limited their focus to finding smaller short-term solutions to their problems while a long-term solution should be their ultimate goal. Through challenging the status quo and simplifying the issues related to asset management, this program highlights some simple and practical steps toward a long-term sustainable solution.

Brian Reed has established himself throughout a career working alongside growing health care providers and serving as a consultant for surgical inventory management. Through a deep understanding of the surgical instrument market, data analytics and clinical performance, he has designed cutting-edge platforms that leverage technology from outside the industry to bring practical and sustainable solutions to health care and build smarter connections between providers and suppliers. His mission moving forward is to spark an industry-wide movement to elevate performance in today’s surgical departments through data, analytics and software.