Sharyn Combs,    UCDI Leadership

Sharyn Combs, UCDI Leadership

Transferable skills (T-Skills) share tools to help leadership understand themselves and others, so they may connect more effectively. Including the DISC personality format, we show strengths and reveal potential blind spots. We cannot beware of something until we are first aware of something. Leadership can stop guessing and assuming and start moving ahead based on a more solid understanding of how people make decisions.

T-Skills allows teams to use the same “language.” If someone speaks to you in a foreign language, then naturally you will be at a disadvantage to understand what that person is trying to tell you. T-Skills will also highlight confidence, competence, foster critical thinking skills and point your team in the direction of common goals.

While in the U.S. Navy, Sharyn Combs received the meritorious advancement honor for integrity and leadership. She holds a leadership degree from Oral Roberts University, with a strong focus on communication and social work. She has 20 years working with young adults, women and at-risk youth on communication, critical thinking and option discovery. Over the past decade, she has worked closely with SIPS Consults, and created the Progressive Leadership Tailored Mentoring and Coaching Program to serve business owners and CSPD professionals. It combines intimate knowledge of the SPD world with leadership acumen backed by her DISC and John Maxwell certifications.