Phyllis Quinlan,    RN, President, MFW Consultants to Professionals

Phyllis Quinlan, RN, President, MFW Consultants to Professionals

Creating a healthy work environment is a leadership imperative. Disruptive behaviors are a leading cause of MD/RN distraction and factors significantly into raising the risk for clinical errors and adverse patient outcomes. Professional caregivers are entitled to work in an environment that is supportive, empowering and safe. Tools will be offered for the appropriate assessment of disruptive behavior. Effective management strategies for incivility and bullying behaviors will be discussed. The collaboration needed between leadership, labor and human resources to create a zero tolerance for bullying culture will also be explored.

President of MFW Consultants to Professionals, Phyllis Quinlan has practiced as a legal nurse consultant since 2004 and is a popular lecturer and keynote speaker. During her nursing career, she has practiced in clinical, education and administrative positions in a variety of clinical settings. As a certified transformational coach, she specializes in the unique needs of nurses and other health care professionals struggling with the emotional impact of compassion fatigue and the challenges of career transition. She is committed to working with organizational leaders in the creation of healthy work environments which she continues to do as the career coach for the AORN.